The stench called Monda Market

By Aneri Shah | THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 18,2017 , 03:07 AM IST

KCR’s promise remains on paper for 3 years

Monda Market,
Monda Market,

 ​Hyderabad: Even after three years of waiting for the promise made by the government to construct a modern vegetable market, there appears to be no end to the woes of the people at the Monda Market.

Vendors and buyers at the Monda market in Secunderabad are yet to see light for the promise made by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to get basic amenities in the market as the proposal sent by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has not yet been cleared by the government.

The century-old Monda Market was to get a new look, as the condition of the market has been turning bad to worse and is causing inconvenience to the vendors and the citizens who visit the market. 

The market does not have proper facilities such as toilets and drinking water.  The roads too are in bad shape and open garbage poses health hazards.

During 2015, the Chief Minister visited the market and assured the vendors that they would be provided with a modern market with all amenities.

Explaining about the problems, a vegetable vendor Haribai said the market condition is very bad and there are no proper facilities. She also said the GHMC workers clean the place only once in a day, whereas the vendors throw the waste in the middle of the road. 

During the rainy season, it is very difficult for the people to move around as the place is very shabby, she added. “Three years back, the government had assured that they would develop this market, but nothing has happened till now,” she said.

Echoing her concern, Ramesh Babu, another vendor, said the market condition is very bad especially during the rainy season. He said the garbage is left in the open and the stench increases with the rains and even flies and cows pose several problems.

A buyer at the market Mukesh said the market is always in dirty state and vegetables are left rotting making it difficult for the people to walk around to buy vegetables. He added that some shopkeepers throw the waste in the walking area. The market is very old and it needs to be developed.

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