Last date for scholarships extended

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 02,2017 , 03:41 AM IST


Hyderabad: Last date for registration of colleges and students in e-pass website for availing scholarship schemes of the government for the current  academic year has been extended up to October 31 as many have yet to complete the registration process.

Government issued orders for registration of colleges and students in e-pass system to enable processing of data of colleges and students who apply for scholarships, and also opened the e-pass website on June 20. Registrations have been allowed up to August 30.

As the registrations are still under the progress and keeping in view the request of the Director of SC Welfare Department, for extension of time, government decided to extend the last date up to October 31.

The last date will not be extended further. The colleges and students, who have not registered for the scholarships, will not be granted further time. Therefore,   they must complete the registration process by October 31, says a press release.

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