Accused admits marriage proposal reason behind Chandini Jain's murder

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 13,2017 , 01:47 PM IST

Chandini Jain
Chandini Jain

The mysterious murder of Chandini Jain has been cracked as her lover Sai Kiran Reddy has admitted to the crime. Police has confirmed Sai Kiran as the prime accused in the case. 

According to the reports, Chandini and Sai Kiran were friends from Class VI. The duo were in love and Chandini had been insisting Sai Kiran to marry her.

On Saturday evening, the duo were seen in Ameenpur Hills as per the CCTV footage. Upon reaching the place, the accused beat Chandini in anger as she repeatedly asked him to marry her. He fled the place leaving the body. The police have taken the accused to the spot and reconstructed the incident.

The accused will be presented before the media by 3 PM. Further investigation is going on and the police are suspecting two others to be involved in the incident.

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