Skywalks remain a distant dream

By Sashidhar Kocharlakota | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 04:19 AM IST


Hyderabad: The promise by the Metro Hyderabad Metro Rail that it would build 200 skywalks to ease traffic congestion has remained unfulfilled. The skywalks are to be built between metro corridors. 

As of now the HMR has completed 28 km stretch from Nagole to Miyapur which is slated to be inaugurated by November last week. The HMR has completed more than 10 metro station, but skywalks are conspicuous by their absence. Commuters on this stretch have already been experiencing traffic jams during peak hours. The volume of traffic on this strength will increase when the metro stations are opened, leading to more traffic congestion.

M Nikitha (32), who commutes from Begumpet to Kukatpally, said the area has been witnessed heavy pedestrian movement. “The situation is already very difficult for the pedestrians due to heavy traffic and lack of foot-over-bridge at the bus stops on this route.

The situation is likely to get worse once the metro rail is launched,” she said Suhas (26) said, “It is sad that not a single skywalk has yet been built after so many promises and the inauguration is on its way,” he said.

Authorities from HMRL said plans for constructing skywalks and multi-level parking spaces would come up after the inauguration of the phase-I in November. “Once the passengers start utilising the service, we’ll have a clear idea in planning skywalks”, HMRL official said. The official further added that there are plans to connect metro stations to educational institutes, government offices and hospitals too, along with shopping malls and parks.

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