Nov 14 festivities blighted
Nov 14 festivities blighted

Hyderabad: Children’s Day celebrations at Bachpan Play School in Malkajgiri turned tragic after a two-year-old lost his life in an open sump on Tuesday. N Shiv Rachit, who was at the school for Children’s Day festivities, slipped into a sump that was left unguarded by the school authorities, while he was wandering towards his class room. The management, who was unaware of the incident, informed his mother Visala of the boy’s absence at the celebrations.

But before she turned up at the school, a worker who had gone to place the lid back on the sump was shocked to find the boy and his schoolbag floating in the sump. Immediately the school authorities, who pulled Rachit out, notified his parents and rushed him to the nearby hospital where he was declared as having been brought dead.

His parents, Visala and Anil Kumar were inconsolable seeing the lifeless body of their son and lodged a complaint against the school management at the Malkajgiri police station holding them responsible for Rachit’s death. Police personnel, who visited the venue of the accident, interrogated the staff and the senior management about why the nine-foot-long sump was left without supervision given the fact that children were still present on the school premises.

Three persons, including the principal, teacher and the worker were taken into custody and a criminal case of neglect was booked against the school management. Relatives protested in front of the play school by burning an effigy of the director and indulging in sloganeering demanding justice. “It is unfortunate that the carelessness of the school cost a two-year-old child his life who did not even enjoy his childhood completely.

These kind of incidents should serve as eye-openers for the government officials to implement rules strictly for corporate educational institutions,” said Kumar, a protestor. Malkajgiri Mandal (block) Educational Officer (MEO) R Srinivas said that the school building was not in accordance with the norms specified by the government. He added that they have recommended the school's closure and the orders would come by tomorrow. It is not the first time that such cases have surfaced in the city.

Earlier in August, a one-and-a-half-year-old Peddi Reddy Vachan lost his life in a sump which was left open in the school premises. The parents approached the Consumer court which reviewed the case and slapped a compensation of Rs 5,00,000 to the authorities of Abhigna Play School-cum-Baby Care Centre under the context of deficiency in service and causing the death of a child.

By:Maitreyi Tadepalli