Hyderabad police alert public of the Chaddi Gang
Hyderabad police alert public of the Chaddi Gang

Police at the Kukatpally Housing Board have urged the citizens to be alert of the ‘Chaddi Gang’ in Hyderabad after a few CCTV visuals confirmed the presence of one of the most notorious robbery gangs.

While the visuals were not officially released, they have gone viral on social media and WhatsApp groups. 

Known to be prominent during the night times just wearing their inner wear, the ‘Chaddi Gang’ are notorious for committing robberies particularly when the residents are not in their homes. 

According to the police, the CCTV visuals showcase a gang walking along an isolated street, probably figuring out whether there were any locked houses in the area, Mathrusri Nagar.

The Cyberabad police are suspecting that some of the recent robberies in KPHB and surrounding areas could have been carried out by the gang and have constituted a special team to nab the group.

The police have requested the public to stay alert and call the control room or any emergency numbers if they find anyone or the circumstances suspicious.