University of Hyderabad,
University of Hyderabad,

Hyderabad: Executive Council (EC) of the University of Hyderabad modified an earlier suspension order of seven students. However, it passed the suspension order of three students for a period of two years.

A university communiqué on Thursday said all the students who were earlier handed over punishment were involved in an incident were faculty wardens on a routine check were manhandled in the ‘J hostel’ on November 3, 2017.

Following this, an inquiry committee was formed which found fault with the students involved. The committee handed seven students a punishment of six months and three more students were suspended for a period of two years.

However, the students had appealed to the university’s EC against the earlier orders of disciplinary action taken against them by the university authorities.

It was against this backdrop that the EC, which had met on December 2, had partially modified the earlier suspension order for seven students and reduced their period of suspension from six months to six weeks. However, it had found three students acting in blatant disregard of the university rules and confirmed the earlier suspension period of two years. However, in both the cases the students will not be entitled to hostel admission upon resumption of their studies, it added.

Further, the 10 students who were suspended had earlier appealed to the Vice-Chancellor. They submitted almost identical letters to the EC, denying their roles. Some of the students who were awarded the punishment have even submitted in writing that they reject University rules, including the hostel manual.

Pending consideration of their appeal by the EC, the university had earlier decided to keep the suspension order in abeyance and permitted them to appear for the end semester examinations.