KTR’s fiat to officials: Don’t issue permissions for road-cutting

THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 13,2018 , 03:14 AM IST


Hyderabad: Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister K T Rama Rao on Friday directed the officials to ensure that there is no permission given to road cutting in the city for the next one year. The Minister reviewed the department works on Friday. He asked the officials to evolve a system where building permissions are given within stipulated time and if no permission is given in the given time then the applicant gets the permission automatically like in the case of TS-iPass as part of ease of doing business. 

He asked the higher officials to formulate a system where action could be taken against the officials, who deliberately delay the building permissions in municipalities. The Minister also reviewed the parking policy and asked the officials to publicise private parking. He asked the officials to call tenders for a multi-level parking space. Apart from this, the Minister asked the officials to start at least 100 foot over bridges in the city. He asked the officials to ensure no permission is given to road cutting for the next one year.

Rama Rao stated that the government would start a series of new programmes during the month of February and asked the officials to publicise these programmes. The Minister directed the public health engineer in chief to supervise the Mission Bhagiratha works so that the works are completed as soon as possible. 

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