Ronald Rose
Ronald Rose

Mahbubnagar: As part of providing self-employment and skill development training for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes community in Mahbubnagar, the State government had released the pending 50 per cent of funds, amounting to Rs 1,450 crore to all SC, ST and BC corporations. 

As part of this, District Collector Ronald Rose conducted a review meeting with the officials concerned of BC, SC and ST corporations and asked them to release the pending funds to all the beneficiaries under various government schemes, allocated for the year 2015-16 and ensure complete grounding of all sanctioned schemes in the district.  

For those schemes which have already grounded in 2014-15, the Collector had asked the officials to submit utilisation certificates. However, for those schemes which were sanctioned in 2015-16, the Collector has asked the officials to submit utilisation certificates along with photographs of the grounded units.  

For the year 2017-18, the State government had allocated Rs 250 crore each to Naayebrahman and Rajaka Federation, while another Rs 200 crore to Vishwabrahmins. In addition to this, around Rs 1,000 crore has been allocated to Minority and Backward Classes communities in the district.

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