Drainage overflow troubles residents
Drainage overflow troubles residents

Bharat Nagar: For years now, the residents of Bharat Nagar have been tolerating the negligence of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) authorities for not constructing a barricade to prevent the drainage water overflowing on to the roads. 

It became a herculean task for the commuters to pass through the road of potholes filled with filthy water. The locals of Bharat Nagar, New Venkatesh Nagar and Subash Nagar claimed that," The roads lost the shape and the drainage water flows all over and causing inconvenience to the public. 

It is very difficult for the shop owners to do business for long hours as the roads emanates stench and also the drainage water enters into the roadside shops during heavy down pour and worried as how to can we survive this monsoon."  Despite giving several representations to the Municipality, no instant action was taken up to resolve the issue so far. 

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