Local Military Authorities still holds sway over a few Secunderabad Cantonment roads

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 12,2018 , 11:27 PM IST

LMA still holds sway over a few Cantt roads
LMA still holds sway over a few Cantt roads

Secunderabad: With Local Military Authorities (LMA) not following the orders of Minister of Defence (MoD), the Federation of North Eastern Colonies once again knocked the door of MoD with a representation claiming that there were more than four roads to be reopened. However, the LMA says there are only two roads closed as is mentioned in the Minutes of Board Meeting held on May 31.

Apart from that, the representation given to MoD reads about the issue of LMA demanding an identification proof to access the road. “The ID proof checking is being carried out at various roads and the cantonment failed to list the roads where LMA is asking for ID proofs.”

According to CS Chandrasekhar, secretary, Federation of North Eastern Colonies of Secunderabad (FNECS). a few roads were only opened during certain hours and no announcements were being made by both the LMA and SCB about the road closure schedule. There is a need of a team to be deputed that evaluates the roads and mention which all roads are yet to be opened,” 

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