Stray dog bites 7 persons in Nagarkurnool

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 12,2018 , 11:42 PM IST

Stray dog bites 7 persons
Stray dog bites 7 persons

Nagarkurnool: A mad stray dog attacked 7 persons in Cherla Timmapur village of Tadur mandal of Nagarkurnool district on Thursday injuring them grievously. The incident occurred when some people were passing by a road in Cherla village late in the evening on Thursday.

Suddenly, a mad street dog attacked them causing grave injuries to all the 7 persons. Among them a six-year-old girl was injured severely as the dog bit her indiscriminately. Later, the villagers shooed the dog away and shifted the girl to Nagarkurnool area hospital for treatment. 

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