Staff crunch in government schools telling on education in Vikarabad district
Staff crunch in government schools telling on education in Vikarabad district

Vikarabad:   Following teacher transfers effected recently, not a single teacher is left with 112 primary schools and there is not a single permanent teacher in 23 government upper primary schools. Most of the teachers have got themselves transferred themselves to villagers on the periphery of Hyderabad. 

At the end of the teacher transfers, the number of vacancies of teachers in all categories put together is 123. The number of head master posts vacant is put at 28.  Similarly, 20 school assistant posts have remained vacant. Also, 75 LFHM posts also have fallen vacant on account of the transfers.  In fact, 49 gazetted head masters have been transferred in Vikarabad district from one school to other. But, 30 gazetted HMs have been transferred to other districts. Only three gazette head masters have joined schools in Vikarabad district. This leaves 28 head master posts remaining unfilled.  Some teachers predict posting senior teachers as incharge head masters who can do justice to neither post. 

While 94 school assistants were transferred out of the district, only 74 have been transferred to the district leaving 20 school assistant posts to be unfilled. Educational volunteers are stepping into the shoes of teachers as 951 teacher posts have remained vacant. The number of educational volunteers working in government schools in the district is put at 1056. In Basheerabad mandal, of the four HM vacancies of ZP High Schools, three remained vacant. In all government schools across the mandal, 92 teacher posts are remaining vacant. The parents allege that imparting teaching by educational volunteers would be of no use for their wards. They urge the higher authorities in education department to swing into action immediately to resolve the crisis. 

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