Synchrony organises Mega Prayaas drive
Synchrony organises Mega Prayaas drive

Hyderabad: Synchrony in collaboration with US Consulate General Hyderabad and GHMC organised ‘Mega Prayaas’ drive near the 100 feet road, Jubilee Hills.  Faisal Uddin Vice-president Synchrony, Katherine B Hadda, U.S. Consulate General, Hyderabad along with Harichandana Dasari Zonal Commissioner –West Zone GHMC and various volunteers participated in the drive to beautify the city.

As a part of Mega Prayaas, volunteers from Synchrony along with the staff of GHMC and US Consulate General in Hyderabad fixed both sides of a 50-meter stretch near the 100 feet road in Jubilee Hills. Post the cleaning they also adorned the spot with paintings. Prayaas is an initiative by Synchrony to keep the city clean and improve the hygiene in the neighbourhood. The programme is an attempt to find real solutions to permanently eliminate the open garbage dumps and ugly spaces in the city. 

A dedicated team of 100 Synchrony volunteers including 25 employees with disabilities have fixed 19 spots in the last 9 months.  With the help of GHMC and the local residents 16 of these spots have been successfully retained for over 3 months. The Zonal Commissioner said, “This collaboration will set an example for the corporate to come forward and set a roadmap towards the Swachh Bharat dream envisioned by Government of India”.

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