Water crisis in Mudfort
Water crisis in Mudfort

Secunderabad: The residents of Mudfort in Secunderabad Cantonment are reeling under a water crisis. “Despite the residents paying the increased monthly bill and dues, there is no water supply, it is shocking,” expressed B Anitha, board member, ward no 3. 

In ward no 3, drinking water is being supplied for an hour to both the residents of Ambedkar Nagar and Mudfort basti simultaneously, which is against the rules.
“According to rules, Ambedkar Nagar and Mudfort basti should be given water supply at two different intervals for one hour at least. But by releasing water simultaneously is reducing the water pressure and troubling the residents as they cannot collect enough water in limited time. On the other hand, water is supplied once in five days,” she alleges.

Adding it, she challenges the water wing officials to disclose the income generated this year from ward no 3. “All pending bills were paid and residents have agreed to pay the increased monthly water charges. From August this year the water charges have increased to Rs 220 for residents living in sheds and Rs 440 for those in buildings. The water wing assured residents to supply improved quantity of water once the charges get increased. However, there is no improvement in water supply and the condition remains to be same even after the residents paying the prescribed amounts. If this is the attitude of water wing, the survival of the residents becomes hard,” she pointed.

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