Is Tejaswi's mistake ruining the Bigg Boss show?

By Vyas | THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 31,2018 , 04:06 PM IST

Is Tejaswi's mistake ruining the Bigg Boss show?
Though out of the Bigg Boss show, one folly that Tejaswi Madivada did is haunting the whole show. While in the Biggg Boss house, Teju had put in place a strategy to form a group and corner rivals. The rivals were vilified  and maligned so much that they are portrayed as villains. 

This eventually led to their getting shunted out of the show. This strategy boomeranged and Kaushal got huge support from the public. 

Now, his following equals that of superstars and his fans are coming to his rescue whenever there is a problem for him. They are ensuring that his rivals are voted out. They are even trolling host Nani if he keeps silent while Kaushal is under attack or if he criticized Kaushal for some reason.

This fan following is today influencing the course of the show. All the strong contenders and especially those who belong to Tejaswi’s gang are getting eliminated and only weak candidates are left in the show. The show today is running according to the whims and fancies of the Kaushal fans. Even the Bigg Boss is finding it difficult to gain control of the show. Today, if Kaushal is eliminated, it might even affect the TRPs of the show. So, Kaushal appears invincible and fully in control of the show. All this, thanks to the wrong stragety of Tejaswi.

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