Shocking Truth Behind Kaushal Army 2K Run

By Vyas | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 10,2018 , 06:22 PM IST

Shocking Truth Behind Kaushal Army 2K Run
Kaushal Manda started off his career as a small-time actor in Telugu films. He is a model who did numerous shows and also owns a model agency successfully. Kaushal did a lot of things in his life to reach to a stage and he is currently the hot favorite contestant in the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu TV show.

From the third week, Kaushal gained a lot of fan following and the fan base grew steadily. Those who usually mess with Kaushal in the house indirectly confirms their elimination as the fans will be on a mission to send them out of the house. Regarding Kaushal, Nani has tasted criticism a lot of times in the house too. People make an allegation that Nani is biased and he does not show his support to Kaushal.

A lot of people who hate started targeting Kaushal supporters saying that Kaushal Army (the fan base of Kaushal) is paid. After a lot of waiting, the Kaushal army came forward to prove a fact that their love towards Kaushal is genuine and they are not paid. A lot of supporters have come forward to support Kaushal today morning near Madhapur main road. The fans called for a 2K walk and crowd gathered in a larger number that everyone was literally shocked to see the unimaginable support for Kaushal in just not the world but the real world.

Interestingly, there is a buzz that the police officials have given permission for when they were told that the walk is for Kerala Floods victims but don't know how they converted the same to a walk for supporting Kaushal.

On the whole, more craze is garnered by the TV show and everyone is aware of the fact that Kaushal is certainly the strongest contestant in the house.

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