Public opinion on SCCL thermal power unit held

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 08,2018 , 12:45 AM IST

Collector RV Karnan speaking at the public opinion exercise at Jaipur on Wednesday
Collector RV Karnan speaking at the public opinion exercise at Jaipur on Wednesday

Mancherial:  District Collector RV Karnan said that public opinion will be considered in expanding the SCCL’s 800 MW thermal power plant.

He took part in the public opinion exercise that took place at Jaipur along with the SCCL and environment department directors. In all, 31 persons gave their opinions at the meeting.

He said that the public opinion of NGOs, politicians, scientists and others would be taken into consideration. Of the 1,159 workforce of the thermal power unit, 538 are from 26 neighbouring villages. Measures would be initiated to show employment to 80 per cent of those, whose lands have been alienated for the railway line project.  Environment departments’ report, minutes of the meeting, public opinion generated at the meeting would be displayed at the notice board in gram panchayat.  

The by-products of the thermal unit – 4400 tons of ash – would be reused in cement factories and brick kilns. To protect ecology, saplings will be planted and nursed for a period of five years. Local employment would be generated to tend the trees. 

RO plants would be set up in 21 villages and medical camps would be set up in affected villages. The district administration would forge ahead with coordination of various government departments.

Rajaswa mandal officer Srinivas, SCCL environmental protection general manager Sattaiah, officials of concerned departments and people from project area villages and people’s representatives took part in the public opinion exercise.

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