MLAs, ticket aspirants jittery
MLAs, ticket aspirants jittery

Warangal: It seems that the ruling party MLAs, who escaped local body poll-win rider for their 2019 ticket prospects, are now up against the rigours of crowd mobilisation for the September 2 ‘Pragathi Nivedana Sabha’ at Kongara Kalan, which the TRS government wants to make it big to herald its achievements resoundingly so that to send shivers down the spine of Opposition parties especially against the speculation of early elections to the Assembly.

Amid the fear of surveys and intelligence reports which likely to decide their fate, the ruling party MLAs appeared jittery over the panchayat polls as it likely to spoil their chances of getting ticket again in the Assembly elections. With the High Court, a couple of months ago, staying panchayat polls until the enumeration of backward classes, the MLAs somewhat felt eased off pressure.

In the wake of fast-paced developments surrounding early polls to the Assembly, the MLAs seem to be edgy; however, they didn’t reveal it openly. With the mood of the party chief K Chandrasekhar Rao seems to be predominantly in favour of advancing elections by dissolving the Assembly, it was anxious time for the MLAs.

Some say, although in private, that early polls never favoured ruling parties. “KCR may be looking to cash in on “feel good factor” among people towards the TRS government, especially after the launch of a slew of schemes such as Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, Kanti Velugu etc.

Above all, the situation in the State is conducive for agriculture with almost all the tanks full to brim. This may have prompted KCR to go for early polls in December,” a senior politician told The Hans India. 

However, the recent precedents suggest that it may backfire as well, he said, referring to similar “feel good factor” bids that tanked Atal Behari Vajpayee and Chandrababu Naidu’s governments in 2004.

On the other hand, the immediate task before the ruling party MLAs is that to mobilise crowds for September 2 meeting. With the farming activity is in full swing, they feel that it’s difficult to mobilise the crowds for the meeting.

It’s apparent that TRS supremo KCR is taking Kongara Kalan meeting as prestige to announce his government’s achievements. Now with the onus is on them to gather crowds for the meeting, TRS MLAs and ticket aspirants are feeling the pinch of the onerous task.

It’s not just going to be TRS party’s show of strength at the Nivedana Sabha but also a litmus test for the might of the 11 MLAs and ticket aspirants in erstwhile Warangal district. 

It may be noted here that there are 12 Assembly constituencies in the district, which includes just one Congress MLA. “KCR’s penchant for massive rallies is well known right from the days of separate statehood movement.

He always banked on huge public meetings to send a strong message to his antagonists,” a senior TRS leader said, on condition of anonymity. It’s said that KCR was unhappy seeing the moderate crowds at Prakashreddypet in Warangal at the party’s 16th Foundation Day, April 27, 2017.

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