Sonaly’s work
Sonaly’s work

Artexpo New York, the annual fine art destination is celebrating the 40th milestone this year. This year also they are hosting over 400+ innovative exhibiting artists from 40 plus countries. Sonaly Gandhi is one of the only five artists and photographers participating from India. And this is the first time a representation from the artist of Telangana is being made at the show. 


Tell us about your journey?
I am born in Kolkata. I started painting when I was seven-years-old. I started my journey with colours since a very young age and have been painting for over 3 decades. I did my art education from Gwalier University and have been participating in several groups shows across India.

Who is your inspiration?   
I draw my inspiration from many artists of the past and the present. However, two artists who have had a great influence on me and my works are Amrita Sher-Gil and Anjolie Ela Menon. I have always been impressed by their bold works. Their attitude, approach and thought process have constantly impressed me and I am proud to be influenced by these renowned artists.

How did you got to know about the Artexpo New York?
Since they are the largest international expo for art, it has always been my dream to participate in this show. I submitted my application as soon as I came to know that Artexpo New York was calling artists for their 2018 show to be held in April. My application was reviewed by the jury of the Artexpo team and soon, they confirmed to me that I had been selected to display my works in their grand expo. 

I am looking forward to a very enriching and inspiring experience which I will be happy to share with my artist colleagues once I am back. 

What inspired you to work on the theme ‘Women empowerment, equality and respect’?
Women are changing with time. They are becoming more and more empowered, independent and self-sustained. My paintings illustrate the kind of financial as well as emotional freedom exercised by women, in the present times. My works bring forth the versatility of contemporary women who deserve equality and respect in the society.

What is the reason you always lean towards figurative?
I have always been fascinated by the human form and hence my works have primarily been figurative. I am motivated to be in stride with the changing world, hence my subject is the contemporary woman who belongs to the present era. My works portrays the relationship of a modern-day woman with her man, their emotions and chemistry, with prominence to the female form. For me, every woman is equally beautiful, and her charisma is not restricted by any custom or country. Nor does she need to enhance her persona with beautiful ornaments, clothes or accessories. Hence, I use perfect symmetrical forms like squares, rectangles, checks and butterflies to cover the dignity of the female figure thereby symbolising her flawlessness.

Tell us about your series?
My present series of works are connected to one another like a single string of beads. Through consistent simplification of the form, I reached at a universal, absolute figure that stands for and relates to all women regardless of their differences/peculiarities and diversities. The women in my works, surpass distinctions of all sorts and by doing so they unite and amalgamate all women as being ‘one’, connected through a common soul.