Priyanka Sahajananda
Priyanka Sahajananda

Priyanka Sahajananda, a fashion stylist from Hyderabad is excited to work in ‘Big Boss season 2’. The show will be aired on Star MAA and Nani will be hosting the show. Priyanka will be styling a few of the contestants in the reality series. 

Hailing from Anantapur Priyanka has now set her base in Hyderabad and currently pursuing fashion designing. “After completing 12th standard I went abroad to pursue a course in psychology, after that I continued medicine and later when I came to India for holidays I felt that I can’t stay away from my family and I decided to do some course in India and as fashion designing is my passion since childhood I thought it is high time that I pursue it.”

“This is a massive field and there are a lot of opportunities for everyone. One should have the ability and talent to create something new every day. I can say this is not something you have to read or write, it’s totally about your mind and your creativity. People who have passion on fashion it’s definitely a bane for them,” she adds. 

She believes that she is a stylist since childhood and says, “Fashion has always been in my mind since my childhood. I love dressing up in a different way. I kept on trying new styles from the beginning. I realised fashion is not only my daily routine but my passion. Being a fashion designer is the way where you have the power of creating fashion. So, finally, I am here living my dream.” 

About transition from medical field to fashion designing, she says, “For me switching from a medicine to fashion was not that easy. I had my own set of challenges which are still there, however, if you believe in yourself everything will be worth it at the end.”

“Before taking up fashion designing, I worked with my friend who is a celebrity photographer, so I started styling for his shoots. I must say that lady luck smiled upon me and I started styling Mr India, Mrs India and later Sundeep Kishan, Tollywood actor, and recently I designed for ‘Dhee’, ‘10 Team Leader’, Varshini and I am the designer for ‘Sixth Sense’, a Telugu reality TV show on Star Maa,” shares Priyanka.

Priyanka has also designed for ‘Big Boss 11’, ‘Splitsvilla’, ‘MTV Roadies’. About ‘Big Boss 2’ she says, “I am styling two to three celebrities on ‘Big Boss 2’. I will be working on their daily looks and weekend looks.” “I will be giving them (contestants) different looks through which they will appear more stylish. 

I am also expecting that my looks and style should create a trend and more scope for fashion. ‘Bigg Boss’ is a big platform and I would love to showcase my talent and make the contestants look different than before.” Priyanka states that pairing up clothes and matching them with accessories will be a hectic job as she will be designing and also styling the contestants.

 “I am confident that among the show somewhere the looks created by me will pop out and people especially students will adopt the style that I have created. I will be dealing with Western and traditional outfits at a time and it will be quite interesting.”