Radhika Toshniwal
Radhika Toshniwal

Sports nutritionist Radhika Toshniwal has launched her book, titled ‘Positive Eating, A Guide To Everyday Health and Nutrition with Easy-to-Cook Recipes’. The book is the brainchild of the author, who has the drive to promote healthy eating habits among the populace.

Speaking on the occasion, Radhika said, “Our lifestyles are such that more often than not we have to make do with quick meals which can be prepared and consumed within 10-20 minutes.”

“Since junk food is the easiest and commonly available option, despite knowing its harmful effects it is eaten freely. I realised that there is a gap in the public knowledge about the healthy foods which are also easy to prepare.” She added.

 About the book she said, “The book aims to fill that gap as it offers a deep and easy understanding about the essential nutrition that food should provide. This includes information about trendy vegetables and immunity boosters as well as highlights millennial concerns about health and grub.”

The book has many recipes, and with each recipe, the book offers in-detail the benefits which the main ingredient of the dish offers. Most of these dishes can be prepared in less than 30 minutes if followed correctly.

“These recipes are tried and tested, and after a thorough vetting process, have been modified to suit the needs of the urban working class. Good health starts from the kitchen with healthy eating,” Radhika added during her address.

She interacted with the audience post her speech and engaged in a lively discussion on the importance of eating healthy.

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