Mahanoor Khatoon
Mahanoor Khatoon

Masarath and Mahanoor Khatoon sisters who always wanted to do something and get recognised made an innovative liquid detergent to clean burqas, stoles and expensive wear. This unique start-up idea by the two Hyderabadi sisters is conceptualised in order to make an impact on women who lack self-confidence when they are wearing a burqa.  

Speaking about the concept Mahanoor shared, “The whole concept of this detergent is to clean the burqa in a way that it doesn’t lose it its shine. When we got to wear burqas we never really had something exclusive to clean them. We certainly used the normal detergent that worn out the colour of the cloth, that’s when we decided to do something that helps in maintaining the shine of the burqa.” 

Their mother Nusrath Khatoon is the inspiration; she always wished the sisters would do something unique in their life and has encouraged them. The advanced shine look formula of ‘Vurqa’ wash was made using techniques that help the fabric maintain its shine. “Our father, who is a Chemist helped us with the formula to make this detergent.”

The whole idea started when the sisters were perusing their education.  “In college, even though we wore a fairly new burqa that was washed only twice, it would have faded, and that lowered our confidence. So, we focused on this issue.” 

The team has done extensive survey and product trials, spending 80 lakh rupees as investment before the launch of the product.

The product would be available online on and their home website vurqawash. com. “The product is available in five rupees sachet for now. Very soon we will be coming up with 200ml and 1000ml bottles of the detergent. We are also trying to connect with supermarkets that would sell our products.”

Taking the business ahead the sisters wish to develop a lot more apart from the fabric cleanser. “We are planning to come up with cosmetic range in the near future and wish we develop the products soon.”

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