Her victory is her motivation

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 03,2018 , 04:40 AM IST

Saina Nehwal
Badminton star Saina Nehwal launched the Tisva autumn collection at the TISVA store in Hyderabad.  On the occasion she spoke about being a badminton star. She said, “It feels nice to be in the field for 12 long years.

And getting medals for my country gives me motivation and pride that I can do something for my country. It’s a challenging field but definitely a field where everyone wants to be in. I am happy to be a sports person and after the Asian games, I have achieved all the major game medals, which is a positive and a big sign for my career.”

The Asian games bronze medalist adds, “Victory was definitely special because it was only one left out in my major events and this is my fourth Asian games. It is definitely great and motivates me even more to do better for my country.”

Launching the autumn collections at Tisva, the badminton star stressed, “It’s amazing to see such beautiful range of lightings. It adds up to a glamourous feeling and makes your house look beautiful. If I get a chance I will make sure that such beautiful lights are put up in my new house.

Here, every design is different and that’s what makes it beautiful.” Speaking about her upcoming biopic the champion shares, “It is a challenging role and I think sports biopics are not easy and I am a big fan of the Milka and Dhoni movies because of the way they managed to make such beautiful movies that help the youngsters gain a lot of motivation and confidence and inspire them to work hard. 

Earlier we never had sports based biopics. Today, people watch movies and if kids and youngsters get to watch the hard work that is put in by the sports people , definitely the scene will be changed for many more youngsters and India can also become a sports power house.”

Talking about Shraddha Kapoor playing her role in the movie Saina said, “Definitely she will do justice, she is working hard in Mumbai. As I said it’s a challenging role but I am sure she is confident about it. So, it will come out to be good.”

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