When poetry set the mood
When poetry set the mood

Dystopia a word that sketches a whole vast world of bleakness and chaos in its absolute and it is poetry which gives way to light and tries to reclaim all that is alive and breathing. That’s what happened at the poetry recitation hosted by ITC Kakatiya, recently at Deccan Pavilion. The theme of the poetry recital was ‘Poetry in times of Dystopia’. The audience was floored over by the poems of city-based poets Hoshang Merchant, Nabina Das, Akila, Paresh Tiwari and Saima Afreen, Rebecca Vedavathy.

Paresh who is also a naval officer shared his experience about his life in navy and dedicated a poem ‘Sword of Honour’ to his late friend Lt. Commander Satish, who lost his life while he was on duty. 

The mood became intense when Nabina Das recited a poem called my neighbour is a gaurakshak from her new book ‘Sanskarnama’ as she believes that the times we are living is no less than dystopia and gauraksha is one of the main topics in such times. The recital was followed by a one-on-one conversation of the audience with the poets over a hi-tea buffet.

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