Get paisley into your formal wardrobe
Get paisley into your formal wardrobe

Clothes are a reflection of who we are: they tell the world our story at one glance, and express our identity and way of life. The professional sphere - where the definition of what’s appropriate is often quite narrow - can sometimes constrain self-expression. However, there are certain prints and patterns that can suit every formal work-related occasion or mood, from a board meeting to a brainstorming session.

One such evergreen pattern is Paisley. The convergence of a floral spray and cypress tree, the paisley design is a symbol of life, strength and modesty. Over the ages, paisley has graced royal regalia, crowns and garments. The droplet-inspired pattern is timeless and incredibly versatile, bringing a timeless, restrained yet stylish touch to everyday garments.  

Ideal for work or a get-together with friends, pairing a blue or olive-green paisley shirt with a mustard yellow, or ivory trouser or skirt will elevate your look to give it a classier finish. 

Many may feel conscious to wear printed garments. But this   will add a sophisticated touch by dressing yourself with a paisley printed pant or skirt along with a plain t-shirt or shirt to exude an effortless feel.

Mixing Paisley
While too much of anything spoils the broth, wearing two or more contrasting paisley prints is a look that will work very well together. This can be done by combining a bold print with a much more subtle print piece. 

Wearing a paisley sweater or coat over a muted or solid shirt and trousers will give a bohemian twist to an otherwise formal look. Winters will never be the same again with this paisley addition into your wardrobe.

Accessories offer a really subtle way to incorporate a print to your look. Whether it’s peppering socks, a printed scarf, the iconic droplet inspired design will instantly update a look with colourful detail. 

- ITC’s Wills Lifestyle

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