World University of Design launches PAM
World University of Design launches PAM

New Delhi: The World University of Design (WUD), India's first and only university dedicated to education in the creative domain, announced a specialised Diploma programme in Professional Automotive Modeling (PAM). The two-stage advance diploma will be offered in close collaboration with Desmania Auto studio. 

The course will include the essential techniques of hand modeling for pre-visualising final products in clay and/or digital modeling of designs in alias. The PAM programmes will prepare graduates for employment as a 3D modeler in the transportation and product design industries. The Programme is designed to prepare the student for high demand positions at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the auto and product industries. 

The University offers two choices of tracks to study i.e. Clay and Digital. One can opt for both the tracks but only one track of study can be completed at a time. Before taking the next step for Advanced Diploma program students must complete the diploma successfully. The programme will commence on August 1. Applications are available on the University’s website.

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