Narayana students secure top rank in JEE Advanced 2018 results
Narayana students secure top rank in JEE Advanced 2018 results

Narayana created history by securing 13 ranks in Top 10 in all categories in JEE Advanced results announced on Monday. Narayana students have secured 82 ranks in Top 100 in all categories. Speaking at a Press Meet, the Directors of Narayana, Dr P Sindhu Narayana and Ms P Sharani said that the result was a continuation of the success streak of Narayana across all competitive examinations in 2018.  

The Directors explained that the success of their students lay in the unique educational programme and innovative teaching methodologies designed by Narayana especially for IIT aspirants. Narayanas' experienced teaching faculty guide the students in getting a firm grasp of subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

They said that in addition, the students learn the basics of Subjects for comprehensive understanding and knowledge. At Narayana, theory is combined with hands-on learning in the modern methodologies. Individual attention on every student helps them excel in the competitive examinations, they said.  PuneetKothapa and G Ravi Teja, Directors, congratulated the students and teachers on their outstanding performance. They thanked the parents for their continued support.

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