Mosquito menace: East Godavari records 250 dengue cases

Update: 2021-12-29 00:36 IST

Stagnant drainage water


Kakinada: About 250 dengue cases were reported in three months in East Godavari district, which show the increasing mosquito problem.

Unseasonal rains during the last three months and the drop in temperature resulted in mosquitoes swarming into houses leading mosquito-borne diseases apart from seasonal winter diseases.

There are two corporations and nine municipalities in the district. Stagnated water due to incessant rains was not cleared, which have become breeding ground for mosquitoes. This made the people to have many sleepless nights.

According to the officials, Kakinada, Rajamahendravaram, Ramachandrapuram, Mandapeta, Samalkot, Pithapuram, Peddapuram, Amalapuram, Tuni and Rampachodavaram recorded close to 250 dengue cases and more than 1,500 fever cases between October 1 and December 25.

According to the municipal authorities, 600 people have been appointed to carry out anti-larval measures in all the municipalities in the district at a cost of


Rs 2 crore.

Despite numerous complaints submitted to the municipal corporations, the officials are indifferent and apathetic towards the complaints of the people. Majority of poor people criticised that the officials are living in air-conditioned rooms while they were suffering with mosquito menace. Expressing anguish over the issue, they alleged that the officials are turning deaf ear to their complaints.

"Why the municipal authorities are not caring for our complaints, even though we are paying heavy taxes to the municipalities," they questioned.

A resident of Kakinada, A Srinivasa Rao, and others lamented that mosquito population has increased after incessant rains. They said stagnation of waste water in drains and piling up of garbage became a big menace to the public. They lamented that people are forced to remain indoors equipped with mosquito nets without free flow of fresh air. 'Because, if we open the doors, mosquitoes will swarm into the house and spoil our sleep. We are becoming victims of fevers due to mosquito bites,' they added.

Kakinada Municipal Corporation Health Officer (MHO) Dr Prudhvi Charan told 'The Hans India' that as many as 100 people are working to handle mosquito menace in the Smart City. He said fogging and spraying operations have also been intensified to curb the breeding of mosquitoes. Stating that many people have been complaining regarding mosquito issue, he assured that they would take immediate steps to solve the problem.



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