New Parliament House a jewel in the crown of Mother India: Pawan Kalyan

Update: 2023-05-29 01:44 IST

Pawan Kalyan 

VIJAYAWADA: New Parliament House is a jewel in the crown of Mother India, said Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan.

In a press release on Sunday, he said that on behalf of Jana sena, he had extended his heartfelt greetings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of the House of Constitution which was designed as a collection of arts from various States.


‘’The Indian society, which secured Independence with the sacrifices of warriors, is proudly celebrating its Golden Jubilee year. 

There have been many changes and many more additions in the past 75 years. There are many newer decisions and victories in dispelling foreign rulers. At a time when we are working tirelessly to emerge as a top leading nation, another new symbol is being added to the necklace of our Mother India,” Pawan said. The new symbol is the new Parliament building which came up on the premises of Central Vista.  “I also congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leadership for initiating the construction of a great structure which was designed as a triangle-shaped masterpiece. I feel that everyone who is involved in the construction of the structure will be remembered forever for their great contribution,” he said.



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