NRDC CMD stresses on fostering alliances with stakeholders

Update: 2023-02-17 01:25 IST

Visakhapatnam: The City of Destiny is not only shaping the future of the state but also contributing to the motto of G20 Presidency 'one health, one family and one future,' said Cmde (Retd) Commodore Amit Rastogi, CMD of National Research Development Corporation (NRDC).

One of the key speakers at the Global Tech Summit held in Visakhapatnam on Thursday, Rastogi said the GTS primarily focuses on the application of technology in all domains and work towards equitable growth. The GTS opens up an opportunity to connect and associate industries with various experts, policymakers and stakeholders and shapes the future of technology, he noted.


With technology being a primary source in economic development, Rastogi stressed, for a developing country like India, the major sectors that contribute to the Indian economy include agriculture, steel, manufacturing industries and startup and innovation.

"By applying technology in the agriculture sector, farmers would be largely benefitted in getting increased yields and bringing down the cost. In the manufacturing sector, technology helps reduce production cost, improves quality control through AI and robotics. Apparently, technology shapes the future of these sectors," Rastogi said. Renewable energy, blue economy, carbon emission norms contribute towards shaping the future of technology, Rastogi said.

About the GTS, he said, it aids in bringing in best practices and enhancing the synergies in the approach mechanism. "The platform gives way to sharing and learning from all stakeholders. It will provide an ecosystem for fostering partnership and alliances among foreign countries, industries, government and academia," he added.

Explaining the role of the NRDC, he said it acts as a bridge between the developer of the technology and the one who needs the technology to establish business and contribute to the society.



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