I want to make timeless music: RP Patnaik

Update: 2023-05-31 02:34 IST

RP Patnaik 

The creative genius director Teja, is coming before the audience with a youth-filled love and action entertainer “Ahimsa”, debuting Abhiram Daggubati. P Kiran is producing this film under the Anandi Art Creations banner. Geetika Tiwari is playing the love interest of Abhiram.

All the songs which were released as promotional content presented by the famous music director, RP Patnaik are already entertaining as chart busters. The music director shared the experiences of working for the film


What did you do during the long break? How did the ‘Ahimsa’ project start?

I work 18 hours a day whether there is a movie or not. I am doing some movies in Kannada. I am also writing some stories related to direction. But music brought me more fame. But I gave up on one occasion. I only do it if I like the story, and SPB kept asking me to do music for him. A lot came in between. But I didn’t want to do it. After his demise, the guilt of not being able to fulfill the promise given to him increased. He is my inspiration. I came into the industry because of my love for his songs. The pain of not being able to fulfill his promise increased. In this order, Teja met once. “We must make music again.” After a few days, Teja called and said that he is making a film.

Watching the trailer of ‘Ahimsa’ reminded me of Teja’s ‘Jayam’, ‘Nuvvu Nenu.’ What is the scope of music in this?

The story of ‘Ahimsa’ is very new. I saw it while doing the background music. When the story is new, the music naturally sounds new.

Now the trend of music has changed, how do you feel?

I have never been a trend follower. I focused on what I wanted for the film. My personal opinion is that the trend is not unique. If people like what we give, that is the trend.

How is your judgment on music?

My judgment is slightly different. I imagine how many people get up and leave the theater when a song is played. If my imagination feels that too many people are getting up and leaving, no matter how great the tune is, I will put it aside. I want to make timeless music.

You are an actor and a director too, have you given any tips to Abhiram?

Abhiram is in better hands. Teja is a legend. No one in the industry knows how to work with newbies as much as he does. I feel that there is no one who can say it better than him.

How are you planning for the future? Will you continue acting?

I will make music. But I will not do very small films. The cost of music has increased. The remuneration of singers, keyboard players has increased. When it comes to acting, many directors are approaching. But I am not mentally prepared yet.

When will you direct again?

Next, I am planning a musical film under my direction. Also there is a story on the election. If a producer is found, the election scenario will change. I also wrote a couple of stories for web series.



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