Books to pore over in July

Update: 2022-07-17 00:28 IST

Books are essential in every person's life because they introduce them to a world of imagination, provide knowledge of the outside world, improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills, and boost memory and intelligence. Books influence our lives in a variety of ways: they provide insight into how other people live, they broaden our worldview, they influence our thoughts on politics and social issues, they show us how to be better people, and they help us not feel alone.


No Limits: The Art And Science Of High Performance

A new book on the art of high performance by Mukesh Bansal, founder of Myntra and CEO of Cult.Fit, one of the largest fitness chains in India.

Mukesh has also been listed in the Best 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs by Fortune magazine.

Through his entrepreneurial experience and studying the field of health and fitness, Bansal came to understand the enormous power of plasticity: the ability of the human brain to rewire itself at will as we develop new skills.

'No Limits' distils Bansal's findings on talent, deliberate practice, mindset, habit, willpower, and learning. Readers can expect it to be a guide to maximising one's potential with well-defined strategies.

It is a must-read for not only entrepreneurs but also people from management, business, students, and anyone in general who wishes to be a superior version of themselves.

This book has been endorsed by Hrithik Roshan and Rahul Dravid.

Bhagat Singh: A Life In Revolution

A timely antidote, this meticulously researched biography is an expansive foray into the life of Bhagat Singh.

The volume deliberates upon his family from before when he was born, examining along the way the role that various episodes, policies and people played in shaping the identity of a legendary revolutionary, while also delving into his opinions on important questions of the time.

It shines a bright light on the oft-ignored personal influences that made Singh who he was, along with the issue of his contested identity in today's politics. This is the definitive Bhagat Singh biography of our times.

Dr. Satvinder S. Juss, Phd (Cantab) is a Professor of Law at Kings College London, a practising Barrister in London, and a Master of the Bench of Gray's inn.

LILAVATI: A LIFE (translation)

An exemplar of Indian literature - the only heart-rending biography of a daughter by her father. The author of this book, Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi, was an Indian Gujarati language novelist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is known for his four-volume novel, Saraswatichandra, acclaimed as one of the masterpieces of Gujarati literature.

Lilavati was Govardhanram Tripathi's eldest daughter. She was raised to be the perfect embodiment of virtue, and died at the age of twenty-one, consumed by tuberculosis. In moments of 'lucidity', she spoke of her suffering and that challenged the very foundations of Govardhanram's life. In 1905 he wrote her biography, Lilavati Jivankala.

The translator, Tridip Suhrud's introduction dwells on the themes of the cultivation of selfhood, of nation and the ideal of sacrifice, which is sure to resonate with contemporary readership, especially women.



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