Celebrating literature, music, art & tech at 'Invincible Fest'

Update: 2023-02-19 01:46 IST

Celebrating literature, music, art & tech at ‘Invincible Fest’

A literary and musical event, Invincible Fest, is on in Gurugram on February 17–18 at DLF CyberHub. The event combines the works of music, art, and literature from illustrious Indian figures. The two-day event will feature the work of well-known, important figures and touch on finance, cryptocurrencies, and technology.

The festival brings together well-known writers, financial experts, tech wizards, and artists from all over the nation under one roof in order to demonstrate and celebrate the power of literature, finance, technology, and art. Veteran performers like Kabir Bedi, Saurabh Shukla, Anu Kapur, and Ashish Vidhyarthi are included in the stellar artist lineup. Ashneer Grover, an entrepreneur, Arvind Arora (A2 motivation), and Anant Ladha, a stock market expert are just a few of the major names who will be speaking at the literary extravaganza. The event's centrepiece will be the book introduction for Conversation Moderator Shri Hansraj Hans (from Media/Radio Partner).


Celebrating the association Pushpa Bector, Executive Director, DLF Retail, said, "The Invincible Festival is a very positive step towards showcasing a fusion of culture, ideas, and literature among the new age audience. Through our association, we celebrate the diversity of the social fabric and literature by bringing together accomplished personalities through this unique platform. It further reiterates our consistent endeavor towards building strong communities wherever we exist."

Shedding light on the event, Sagar Setia Invincible Festival said "Our purpose is to bring together communities through a unique platform, and Invincible festival is a brilliant example of uniting communities with in-depth knowledge from experts on literature, music, art & finance. It is a nod to the culture of our country and we are proud to host it at DLF CYBERHUB which is the destination for high-end consumers and professionals. This is the second time we are hosting this event and look forward to bring many more such experiences to the people across the country."

Every year, the festival recognises eminent personalities for their contribution to the field of literature, music, finance, art & technology. The intent is to honour their dedication toward their passion projects and rejoice in their legacies.



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