Wordsmith: To My Mother

Update: 2023-09-03 12:39 IST

To My Mother

“Why am I in this closed up space?” ~

I cried and kicked a fuss

“I know there’s a world out there

I want to go out. I must!”

I pushed against the walls that held me in

And threw a terrible childish tantrum.

That time, mama refused to let me out

Said ~ “You can kick or you can pout

I know you’re not ready for the world outside


If you go out too soon you could die

So stay in little one

Stay in till nine months is nigh.”

Today, why is mama not doing the same?

Why does she feel it’s safe in the lane?

When I throw a tantrum, she gives me a warning

But lets me play a while

inspite of countries in mourning.

“Just for a while”~ she says to me

~ “Stay safe!”

But then how can I be?

The virus is out there making easy pickings!

The virus doesn’t discriminate between it’s victims!

Mama don’t cave in!!!!

I know its tough.

I know ways to entertain me

are not enough.

Yet if you let me out of the safety of our room

Aren’t you sending me

straight to my tomb??!!! — Karen Claire



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