Our ability to break stereotypes should be celebrated: Sima Raaj

Update: 2023-08-13 06:00 IST

    Actress Sima Raaj breaks stereotypes and shows that age and marital status should never hinder one’s pursuit of remarkable achievement

Sima Raaj, the first NSD graduate to participate in the ‘Mrs. India Empress of the Nation 2023’ pageant by Diva Pageants. She reached the top eight and wins the crown of “Mrs. Glamorous India.” She has acted in more than 50 plays with National and International directors and has frequently worked in Films & Television. She has worked with directors like MK Raina, Sriram Raghavan, Robin Das, Barry John, Anuradha Kapur, and Madhur Bhandarkar. She took part in a pageant to showcase her in a different light. It’s been liberating and empowering, giving her the strength to live life on her own terms. She encourages everyone to embrace their unique qualities and never let anyone else dictate who they should be.


Her theatre acting started way back as a teenager. Her decision to enter the Mrs. India Empress of the Nation competition reflects her admiration for beauty pageants and her desire to challenge societal norms. It’s inspiring to see her embrace the opportunity to break stereotypes and show that age and marital status should never hinder one’s pursuit of remarkable achievements.

It’s commendable that she is not only focused on her own career growth but also has plans to contribute back to the entertainment industry. From seeking influential roles in cinema and OTT platforms to producing unique content through your company “The Golden Hue” and advocating for aspiring voice actors through Treasure Tower (TT), your efforts will have a positive impact on the industry. Belonging to a strong culture of theatre group activities, pushed her to enter the world of acting. Her professional theatre journey got a head start after she graduated from NSD.

She has worked in various mainstream movies in Bollywood like ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ Directed by Sriram Raghvan, ‘Chandni Bar’ by Madhur Bhandarkar to name a few significant projects. She did significant cameo roles in several popular episodic TV shows & 4 very popular daily soap operas for top channels like Star Plus, Colors & Sony. But she is yet to unfold a new path in her acting career in OTT. In the recent past, she has acted in ‘Scavenger’s Daughter’ which is streaming on ZEE 5 Premium wherein she played the lead role, Directed by Ritesh Menon & Produced by Choti Production.

Her upcoming projects, including the music video release and the Audible original project “Ravan Rising,” sound exciting and promising. It’s clear that she is determined to make a mark in various creative ventures, and her dedication and passion will undoubtedly lead to great success.

In an exclusive conversation with Hans India, Sima Raaj speaks about her journey, inspirations and her major achievements. Let’s have a look into it.

Tell us about yourself and your journey as ‘Mrs. India Empress Of The Nation 2023’?

I am a Kolkata-Mumbai blend, having grown up in the City of Joy and now residing in the City of Dreams. I studied acting at the prestigious National School of Drama and have an extensive background in theater, both in India and abroad. One of my most memorable roles was playing the Queen of Denmark in the play Hamlet, written by Shakespeare, and directed by Neeraj Kabi. I have also had the privilege of working in films with renowned directors like Sriram Raghvan and Madhur Bhandarkar. Alongside my acting career, I am a talented singer and have my own production company, “The Golden Hue,” where I have released music videos and lent my voice to audio dramas and TV commercials.

Participating in the Mrs. India Empress of the Nation 2023 journey was a joyous and eye-opening experience. The Diva Pageants platform provided a safe and authentic space for me to grow. Under the guidance of Anjana Mam and Karl Sir, I was groomed with care, respect, and love. The grooming sessions were meticulously designed, and I soaked up every bit of knowledge and inspiration like a sponge. One particular highlight for me was the introductory speech preparation and Q&A session led by the incredible Karl Mascarenhas, a true master of words and a wonderful individual.

This journey not only transformed me externally but also internally, reminding me of the importance of polishing and grooming oneself, particularly when in the public eye. I returned with a fresh perspective on the glamorous world and newfound confidence, radiating with the joy of successful endeavors and endless possibilities.

From where did you get the inspiration to enter this competition?

The inspiration to enter this competition came from my deep admiration for pageants like “Mrs. India” and “Mrs. World.” I have always enjoyed watching fashion shows, both at a national and international level. In the depths of my subconscious, there was a desire to walk the ramp, but I always believed my height would hold me back. However, when I stumbled upon an advertisement for Diva Pageants’ Mrs. India 2023 on Instagram, I decided to explore further. To my delight, I discovered that the criteria perfectly aligned with who I am. Furthermore, upon researching their records, I found them to be authentic and inclusive, a reflection of my own values. With excitement and a touch of the fashionista spirit, I decided to apply for the competition.

How do you manage your different roles under one hat?

Passion is my guiding light when it comes to managing my different roles. I consider myself fortunate and privileged to be able to work in my chosen field, which brings me immense joy and energy. The source of my tireless spirit lies in my love for what I do. I am constantly fueled by my imagination and take proactive measures to turn my dreams into reality. This unwavering drive is what propels me forward and allows me to successfully balance my various roles under one hat.

Being a married woman have you received any remarkable compliments or any negative talks yet?

Absolutely! As a married woman, the compliments I’ve received have been nothing short of overwhelming. Younger women from my own family, friends, and countless others have approached me, expressing their admiration and calling me an inspiration. The moment I won the coveted title of Mrs. Glamorous in the sub-contest, the impact was profound. It made them believe that age and marriage should never hinder one’s pursuit of remarkable achievements.

However, in the realm of social media, negative talk does exist. Some individuals seemed taken aback, even amused, that “aunties” like me have chosen to participate in beauty pageants. To be honest, I find these comments rather amusing. Why let age or marital status define us when there are no limits to our dreams? Our ability to break stereotypes should be celebrated, and I embrace the opportunity to challenge societal norms with a smile on my face.



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