Techie fights for women

Update: 2022-05-22 01:41 IST

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Sreepad Nandan, a 27-year-old Hyderabadi who loves life to the fullest and is also a creative person, not only leads a company but also looks after society. Technology has advanced in recent years, and there are now hundreds of pages on social media that disseminate derogatory remarks about women. Nandan being a social activist did not approve of the anonymous posts on social media. On their Facebook pages, two boys from Nizamabad and Guntur, respectively, had shared the filth with the hashtag #DishaRape. Nandan spent 18 hours tracking them down and assisting the cops in their capture.


"There are so many innocent women who don't know how to approach cops, some don't have awareness and others don't like to register a complaint, few become terrified to speak out," says Nandan, who is an entrepreneur.

"It is everyone's duty to take care of society, not only our sister or mother, " Nandan adds. "India is a country where people are unified, and spending one or two hours on improving society would undeniably make India better."


He now spends one to two hours a day searching for and responding to sexist remarks. Especially for women who have been subjected to internet abuse and bullying.

He now wants to broaden his responsibilities by ensuring that women's safety is addressed in all election platforms. He also has plans to meet Election commissioners (ECs) to discuss the #MissionManifesto.

"Half the battle will be won if we can obtain women's safety as an obligatory inclusion in election manifestos, " argues the 27-year-old technologist, who utilises PowerPoint presentations and QR codes to urge federal and state election commissions to include the vital topic in their manifestos.

I wanted things to improve through technology, similar to how online abuse is handled, and I wanted virtual reality to become the mainstream, so I invented Politcally, a software idea that allows politicians to run virtual campaigns that mimic live campaigns.

"I've already discussed the matter of women's safety with a number of them and had favourable feedback," he says.

Nandan has assisted She Teams (Telangana's police arm dedicated to combating sexual harassment against women) in resolving over 100 cases. "They communicate with me through Instagram or WhatsApp. I get to work using screenshots as proof," says Nandan.

Everything is inter link which made me to focus on Politicians when we explain our technology to the right people, right things can be done, which made me to star, AR-VR firm, that promises to assist political hopefuls using next-generation technology and a well-thought-out strategy.

Nandan also works closely with politicians across the country. He scans a photo, and a video pops on your phone screen almost instantly, showcasing the new hi-tech mood.

"Now, similar to QR codes that connect you to a website, you can just scan the contestant's photo and see, hear, and see all there is to know about them," he explains.

As he unwraps the prototype of a VR goggle set, Nandan says, "This set of VR goggles may alert the potential voter what kind of roads or infrastructure the rival party can give, using true-to-life technology."



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