Will dual degree system benefit students?

Update: 2022-05-19 02:37 IST

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In the spirit of New Education Policy-2020 which calls for multidisciplinary and flexible mode of education for all, UGC announced a dual degree programme for both UG and PG levels on April 12. The facility, available across all courses or combination of courses, is expected to help students get two degrees simultaneously and thus improve their employment opportunities. When The Hans India spoke to people on the issue, many agreed that benefits outweigh the demerits of the new system


Wonderful opportunity for students

Every student has specific abilities, interests, career goals and wishes to enhance his/her academic learning experience. Employers look for graduates with different combinations of competencies with T-shaped skills. Hence, opportunities for additional learning are the major requirement for students to bridge the industry-academia gap. Students, who could not get into the branch of their choice or interest at the time of admissions, can use this wonderful opportunity and he/she will complete it successfully. It will lead to self motivation to improve critical thinking, problem solving abilities and up-skilling.


Dr D Prabhakara Chary, Head-DPS, KITS, Warangal

DD helps students to tackle real problems

Duel Degree programme equips the graduate's with a variety of abilities and provides a wide range of employment opportunities coupled with trans-disciplinary education, the integration of skills from different fields helps the students to tackle real world problems.

M Amulya, lecturer in Computer Science & Applications, SRR GASC, Karimnagar

Dual degree will save students' time

The Government of India offering dual degree at the same time under New Educational Policy (NEP) will save students a lot of time. This apart, the students can acquire knowledge in multiple disciplines simultaneously. Hitherto, this facility is available in advanced countries where students have a chance to complete different types of courses in the same academic year.

It also widens the job opportunities to the students. It also has adverse effects. Sometimes students fail to focus on courses which they opt for and end up in confusion. There is a phrase - 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. Hopefully, students will make use of the opportunity.

T Seshu, Lecturer in Economics, Warangal

Good move by UGC

Dual Degree concept itself is a wonderful thought which abolishes age old British slavery education system. Country like India has to introduce this system before 50 years but earlier ignored reforms in important sectors like agriculture, health, industries and education as they busy in saving their seats and power. Kudos to UGC over decision of introducing Dual Degree in UG and PG which helps aspirants to choose their choice of interest and employment opportunities in two sectors.

N Veera Swamy, Graduate, Turakpally, Kanagal mandal, Nalgonda



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