Will dual degree system benefit students?

Update: 2022-05-22 01:05 IST

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The facility, available across all courses or combination of courses, is expected to help students get two degrees simultaneously and thus improve their employment opportunities. When The Hans India spoke to people on the issue, many agreed that benefits outweigh the demerits of the new system

Will save time and enhance knowledge

The recently announced Gual Degree programme by the UGC as part of National Education Policy (NEP)-2020 is the most sought-after breaking initiative in the Indian education system that envisages and ground the students to pursue two UG or PG degrees simultaneously.


This initiative enables the students to acquire interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge and skills and excellent adaptive skills for competing in the multitasking competitive world. It is a win-win initiative for the students who can save the time and cam enhance knowledge and skills.

The companies may give priority to those students who have dual degrees simultaneously in providing job opportunities and it is the right time to utilise this golden opportunity!


-Dr M Malla Reddy, Asst. Professor of Commerce, SRR Govt Arts & Science College (N) Karimnagar.

It is in spirit of NEP 2020

In the spirit of the New Education Policy 2020 which calls for multidisciplinary and flexible mode of education for all, UGC announced dual degree programme for both UG and PG levels on April 12.

The facility available across all courses or combination of courses is expected to help students get two degrees simultaneously and thus improve their employment opportunities.

-B.Soumya, Lecturer, SRR GASC Karimnagar

Dual degree has advantages as well as disadvantages

First off all students will have a greater scope of understanding of both the majors but at the same time the workload is going to be vast causing the students to go under a lot of stress.

But in my opinion, having the entire knowledge of one particular subject and not being confused with both the majors will act as a major factor in the lives of the student as studying both the majors will be taxing but concentrating on just one subject will make it interesting as they will be giving their entire attention to that particular major.

-Renuka, Educationist

A win-win situation for students

The dual degree proposal is welcomed. It will be a win win situation for the students .When a student is getting a opportunity of pursuing two courses at same time. Undoubtedly, this has the potential to benefit students immensely.

-Steve Kohir, Professor & Head of Department of Communication & Journalism, Osmania University, Hyderabad



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