A device to save farmers from electrocution

Update: 2020-06-27 22:49 IST

Hyderabad: A 23-year-old city-based Satya Illa has created a shockproof device called 'Electrical Pump Motor Starter' to prevent electric shock. The trigger for this invention is a tragedy which occurred in his childhood.

Satya faced a traumatic incident, when he lost his friend at the age of 6 who fell down from the terrace and got electrocuted when his kite got entangled with the electrical wires. It took a really long time for him to get out of the trauma and fear of electrical devices.

In 2016, he made a prototype of the product which turned out to be a success. The device is made of glass fibre material, that acts as an insulator. Along with this, the device has a single-phase preventer and safety equipment which protects the farmers.

Speaking to The Hans India, Satya Illa who spent years organising numerous awareness events at rural areas and is now the founder of 'Kaanthi' an organisation that promotes electrical safety education said, "The increase in number of deaths especially among the village farmers was due to electrocution. One of reason of the deaths was due to the faulty motor pumps used in irrigating fields caused severe shocks and at times proved to be fatal. Talking to farmers further helped to create a shockproof three-phase electrical motor pump to prevent fatal accidents."

While completing his B Tech in Electrical Engineering he wanted to further expand his understanding of the deaths due to electrocution and how to prevent them. He further said, "While in college, I got the chance to work with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).I learned about the dangers of poorly maintained wires and electrical fatalities caused due to that. Later, I was involved in a project incubated by the Bala Vikasa International Centre, Hyderabad, where they helped me expand my research in the field. What makes it unique is the internal circuit, which was designed with the help of IEEE by keeping safety as the priority."

"During the research, I realised that a large number of farmers were affected every year due to poor quality electrical equipment, particularly in Telangana. The electrical devices that the farmers have are mostly old and not maintained regularly. This causes frequent cases of electrocution and fatalities. Due to the affordability factor, many farmers avoid replacing their motor pumps while many others are unaware of the need of maintenance of these devices which adds to the rising number of deaths due to electrocution among farmers," adds Satya.

As of now, he has sold around 400 units of this device in 12 districts and his awareness programme has reached over 10,000 villagers. An advantage for the farmers is that the device will be provided to them at a half price of Rs 7,000 compared to the alternatives in the market, which could cost up to Rs 15,000.

Awards and recognition

• Youth Inspiration Award' from BIET in 2018

• Youth Achievement Award for Excellence in Development Work' from the Commonwealth, London in 2019 for his innovation.

• Opportunity from Niti Ayog's Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) to provide training in the field of innovation and leadership to the schools in Hyderabad.



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