Attaining peak productivity

Update: 2020-07-11 23:22 IST

We need to identify our tasks and peak optimal performance during the course of the day. Efficiency is attained based on the time factor. Body is influenced by varied factors such as atmosphere, people, food etc The time of the day has an effect on productivity more than the number of hours spent on work.

Productive and unproductive peaks need to be identified. Peak periods of energy level vary from person to person and depend on several factors. Identifying peak productivity activity to best productive time factor is crucial. Some work best in early hours and some late night. So, one has to understand the body clock.

What is the best day to be productive? Which hour? Day or night? Identifying tasks in the morning hours and those that need attention in the second half helps in completion of the task. Complex projects can be taken in the morning; while meetings can be kept for the noon and problems with open ended thinking can be taken during evenings.

We need to analyse the body's hidden pattern to do the right thing at the right time. This will enable one to best work at the right time by increasing one's peak productivity.

The Peak Productivity Pyramid of Maslow is a mechanism to help you take control of your days and increase your productivity. By staying in the flow, you are at peak productivity. You build momentum and are happy, focused on a task without interruptions.

How do you know if you are most productive? A bit of self introspection is needed. By paying attention to your daily habits, as well as your energy and focus levels. For example, you know whether you're an early bird or a night owl based on your alertness. One has to create a schedule that maximizes productivity.

Identify hours of your peak energy, moderate amounts of energy, and when you are sluggish. Color code them using different color pens to make each energy level stand out more. Color code an entire week of your calendar based on your findings. Evaluate and assign tasks according to the time slot based on the responsibilities.

Enhancing your productivity lies with the individual solely. Internal and external factors influence greatly, but the optimal use of various tasks, efficient use of energy, staying focussed and good time management techniques will yield better results.

Peak productivity is attained by only those who know how well to use their time, energy, prioritise, and are result oriented. Multi tasking and prioritising on key areas which maximise the results are taken up. This needs a shrewd mindset with a lot of practical and focused thinking.

For corporates, group enhancement of multiple level of key projects generate the required results. While individuals need more strategic approaches to get to the desired results.

Productivity is an essential ingredient to attain peak performance.

If this is maintained consistently, recognition of work comes in which is a benchmark and enhances the credibility of the corporate or the individual. Peak productivity generates recognition, which comes in with a lot of effort and smart working. Acknowledging the works of groups or individual will come naturally through rewards or accolades.

Attaining peak productivity is a herculean task, it never comes easy but with a consistent flow of activity. Whether groups or individual, care must be taken to nurture young latent talent who stand apart from the rest.

Support to such bright and flourishing employees to contribute better must be a crucial factor from the management. Only then productivity levels continue to optimally increase and the company maintains steady growth. So, it's imperative to maintain a steady peak productivity at all levels.

Working around your energy

    Track your activities

♦    Focus on any distractions

♦    Identify energy levels, motivation factors

♦    Time to reflect

♦    Use a journal to pen thoughts

♦    Factors driving productivity

Flowchart for Productivity

♦    Schedule timelines

♦    Have deadlines

♦    Avoid distractions

♦    Exercising

♦    Healthy diet


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