How to write a smart cover letter

Update: 2022-08-20 00:17 IST

A few important things to do

• The letter should be grammatically correct and error-free. Read your letter out loud to pick up on mistakes or have someone proofread it for you.

• Keep cover letters under one page long and less crowded. Plan out spaces and margins accordingly and use a font that is easier to understand.

• Your letter should address a specific person. Use a 'Hello' or Dear in case you don't know the concerned person's name.

• Whenever you start a letter with Dear Sir, it should end with Yours faithfully.

• Keep it plain and simple. Get to know more about the job description in order to identify the best opportunities to illustrate your qualifications.

• E-mail a copy of the letter to yourself. This will help you cross-check the format, layout, and proofread the letter one last time before sending it out.


Avoid the following

• Do not discuss the lack of experience. Instead, discuss what your experience has taught you.

• Do not copy and paste content from other available CV samples.

• Don't send an obviously generic letter irrelevant to the company/position.

• Avoid fancy fonts or templates.

• Never paste chunks of information from your Resume onto your CV.

• Avoid using casual greetings like 'Hey' or 'Hi there' in your job application.

• Don't include personal information or information on how or why you left your last job (if you may explain it later only if you're asked to). Stay focused on the job at hand and your qualifications for it.

• Never include salary requirements unless the employer asks for it.

• Don't upload or click send before having the letter proofread multiple times.

• Do not use the same CV for every job application. Instead, rewrite it according to the requirements.


(The writer is the head, people services, Quess Corp)



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