I like the thrill of being associated with art says R Kavya

Update: 2020-08-02 01:01 IST

Nineteen- year-old, R Kavya began sketching and drawing at a very young age. Kavya is currently pursuing her BA (psychology, literature and journalism) in Loyola Academy Degree and PG College in Hyderabad.

Speaking to The Young Hans, Kavya said, "My art journey begun when I was a kid, right from the moment my mom made me to pin a drawing each day after completing my home work. Gradually it became a habit, my mom used to buy me a lot of stationery and it became my hobby, as I grew I lost touch with art due to distractions, but art grew very close to my heart in these few years, and this journey has a long way to go."

She started doing art by herself, she did not take inspiration from someone in this case, but made art by coping mechanism. She shares, "I do art to make myself feel content and to feel the bliss, I slowly started liking that thrill I get after completing a art work sitting for hours together on it, it made me more resilient and strong, at times of misery art made me believe in myself. For most of them art connects them to the world, but I connect with myself, in this process disconnecting myself from this world."

"My art was liked by my near and dear ones and soon I was motivated to start my own art page on Instagram and through this I won so many hearts, all this has come to me as positive reinforcement. I definitely want to grow more and more, my aim is to explore art and develop my own unique style," adds Kavya.

There is no particular theme that she is following right now, as she is still practicing art, but she is definitely taking prompts in order to develop her art work. One of the important factors for her is that she did not want to restrict herself to a particular aspect or theme. She wanted to be lucid and explore as much as possible, as we have no limits to our world we are only limited by our imagination.

According to her, an artist embarks on his/her journey based on his/her intuitions. She says she is still on a verge to improve my skills, but her determination will surely open doors for various opportunities, nevertheless for an artist, the sky is the limit.

"At the end I just wanted to make this note for all the artist pertaining to various fields, don't feel disheartened if your work is not recognised or is not appreciated, I can just say that 'keep going', make your 'self satisfaction' as a positive reinforcement and your main key to your motivation, very soon you will become a star," concludes Kavya.


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