Landing a dream job: 5 tips

Update: 2022-06-24 02:24 IST

Making career decisions after graduating is a stressful task. However, with proper preparation and help, it can be turned into a fun and engaging process! To make the right decision, you first need a clear idea of your interests and a vision for your future. Next, you need to prepare step-by-step, with the ultimate goal of landing your dream job. Following basic resume hygiene and simple interview guidelines is a stepping stone to attaining one's dream job, and that is why it is so important to pay close attention to these aspects. Similarly, having an active network of people you can seek guidance from is a skill that can take you a long way.


Make your profile stand out

Building a superlative profile is crucial in finding a lucrative job. It starts with preparing a resume that should make an impression on the recruiter. Therefore, the content must be genuine and clear as any irregularity in the resume may hamper your prospects.

You may develop a portfolio to feature your activities, achievements, and work samples related to your interested domain.A portfolio is an important element in the hiring process. You can build the portfolio on any professional portal or a social platform like LinkedIn.

Prepare responses to expected interview questions

A fresh graduate appearing for an interview will most likely have a resume-based interview where the interviewer will ask questions based on the points mentioned in the resume. Apart from this, questions could be based on previously help positions, projects completed, internships, certificates acquired, or competitions won. These questions will help your prospective employer understand your contribution and learnings from such activities. You may face some basic HR questions to understand your personality, and certain soft skills. Preparing in advance to respond to these common questions will boost your confidence and will create a better impression in the mind of the interviewer.

Seek mentorship and guidance

Having a strong mentor is very important to successful career advancement. A mentor can be a person one looks up to or someone with enough experience to guide in the field of your interest. Identify your mentor and stay in close contact with him/her to seek expert help and guidance at any given point in time. Ask questions freely - be it about work, the industry, or about how you can approach a project or reach that position.

Maintain an active network

After graduating, it is crucial to have an active network of friends, acquaintances, and professors. This network consists of people you have worked or interacted closely with.

You may, in the future, reach out to them to seek guidance or any sort of help you need to advance in your career or even find a new job. Similarly, if anyone in your network reaches out to you, do extend a helping hand and assist them to the maximum extent possible.

Never stop learning and upskilling

In the end, what matters the most is how resilient you are in the ever changing world. Polish your skills and knowledge from time to time and acquire new ones to remain relevant. Upskilling helps refine your domain knowledge and niche skills. For this, you can read books, blogs, articles, and whitepapers in your chosen field, sign up for online courses, and obtain relevant certificates from top institutes or organisations. Proper planning and preparation while doing the course is the key to getting your dream job. Earning relevant certificates in in-demand and employable skills will further improve your prospects.

(The author is the chief learning officer, UNext Learning)



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