Unleashing the creative potential behind closed doors

Update: 2020-07-18 22:38 IST

The current pandemic has forced all of us to stay locked up in our houses almost the whole day, resulting in many of us trying to put our hands on various arts.

Mandala has been known to almost all of us. But, for those who do not know what it is, Mandala is all about geometric design that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandalas are believed to represent different aspects of the universe and are used as instruments of meditation and symbols of prayer.

Putting her hands on with her own unique touch, a 20-year-old Mumbai-based, Avantika Bhingarde brings Mandala to a different level and design.Though, few of her hobbies include to decorate in events,love music and dance, love to bake cakes, her love for art has also been a part of it but had no proper time to work on because of her studies.

Speaking to The Young Hans, Avantika says, "I have just started doing Mandala Art 2 months back. It attracted me just by doing one rough sketch and made in involve into it deeply. I started searching for all sorts of art in YouTube, Instagram and in those geometrical designs I added some of my ideas and touches."

While the colleges are shut down and restrictions of going outside especially in cities like Mumbai, her boredom inspired her to do it, due to this she says that she has gained lot of patience and concentration.

"Getting the right instruments was definitely a problem but luckily, I had all the materials like scales, pencils, sketch pens, marker pens and so on.

My patience level has gone very high, and the level of concentration and confidence level has also increased that nothing is impossible. At the end of the day, both my mom and dad supported me a lot in trying out this as my hobby too," she concludes.


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