Web application developed to spot coronavirus cases

Update: 2020-07-12 00:09 IST

When world was hit by COVID-19, the team Bharath Kumar Reddy Gayam, 25 (entrepreneur and ethical hacker), Seshu Kumar 24 (Founder of Lyfaux), Ganesh Yeruva, 19 and Meghana Allu, 19 (College students) came up with a web application called 'c19raksha' which was designed to spot Covid-19 cases.

The website was designed using Artificial Intelligence for Tracking Covid-19 symptoms this helps a lot for the public to conflict against Covid-19.The pattern of the website was uncomplicated so that it can be easily understood by everyone.

As Bharath Reddy elaborates: "When you visit the web application, at the beginning it requests you to fill the self details.Once you finish entering details then click on Proceed. In the next phase, it solicits to answer 11 questions.

These questions are selected from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) along with World Health Organisation (WHO) that majorly specify distinguishing of corona symptoms. Once you complete answering those questions in the form of Yes or No. The website provides the result with the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology. The result will be classified into two mechanisms based on the chosen response Low Risk, Medium Risk, High Risk.

If you get the result of Low Risk and Medium Risk the website suggest you take precautions. Safeguard Measures will display at the top horizontal scroll bar with saffron shade. High-Risk people Information will reach out to medical surveillance teams.

With the help of c19raksha web application, people can take a test for Corona symptoms from home within two minutes. Based on the website Information heretofore 6371 people attempted this test out of this 42 are critical and it helped them". explains Bharath Reddy

The app which went live on April 12 has over 26,000+ users so far and requires basic data of the user at the initial step.c19raksha informs users about the potential risk and symptoms through web application contact tracing and equips people with self-assessment tools. It also has a tool for precision tracking of high-risk patients with Covid-19 symptoms.

Bharath Kumar Gayam; Seshu Kumar; Ganesh Yeruva; Meghana Allu

"We also have tools such as 'self-assessment test for infection mitigation', and 'protect yourself and your community from Covid-19. It is easy to identify the high-risk ones direct them to the health officials of the respective district with the details of patient's, place and location; The doctors' team can then approach the patient physically and conduct a direct test with kits and taken up early isolation procedure if needed" he adds

How did the team come up with this idea? "I left Karnataka due to the lockdown and came back to my State Andhra Pradesh. Even though the government was taking care, the corona cases were still growing rapidly.

Regularly I used to read newspapers and noticed that many people losing their life. Then, I decided to do something for the country. Then I started a simple AI-based website with the support of my team Seshu Kumar, Ganesh Yeruva, Maghna Allu" concludes Bharath.


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