Young artist winning hearts with his abstract art

Update: 2020-07-05 02:44 IST

A self- taught artist, Hyderabad-based, 18-year-old, Aryaman Singh, is specialising in graphite pencil and colour pencil portraits which are inclined to photorealism.It has already started gaining the popularity among celebrities and glam due to his excessive artwork.

Even though nothing is a profession for him now but he can definitely turn his art into one someday for now he revolves around his hobbies trying out various things and experimenting with different kinds of work before taking a final decision on his career.

Fanart is something that he makes when he feels like the person is really inspiring and motivating. It is' when he feel like they have changed something about me for the better'. When he get great reactions to the fanart, from the same fanbase or the people themselves, it motivates him to do more and better.

Aryaman is pursuing his BBA IT first-year in St. Joseph's Degree and PG College, Gunfoundry Hyderabad.

Speaking to Young Hans , Aryaman said, "I tend to portray what I think and feel on my work. My artwork is often expressive. I usually do fan art, which is noticed and reposted by celebrities like Amanda Cerny and Kat Graham and others too."

When asked about his journey and inspiration he said, "I started at a very young age but I was never really committed to art or even called myself an artist. But finally when I was in eighth grade, I started doing portraits and since then I have been very passionate about it. Disney characters inspired me when I was a kid. But now my inspiration is Heather Rooney who does the most photorealistic pieces ever. I was also inspired by the myriad of possibilities and colours there are in the field of art."

His future plans are, to open a customised online shop that would have worldwide shipping, also do commissioned work and have his work displayed in big galleries and exhibitions. But of all things, his biggest ambition is to have a well known profile in the art community worldwide and other interest include playing the guitar, learning new languages, badminton, skating and also programming. He has also been a fundraiser for an NGO working for children's education.



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