Valentine's Day triggers spike in demand for affordable fine jewellery

Update: 2022-02-12 23:45 IST

The idea of Valentine's Day has transformed a little over the years from being an occasion to express your love through teddy bears, chocolates, and cards to something more meaningful and everlasting. Gifts are no longer just hand-me-downs or something to be locked away until later. The idea of a Valentine gift is different for both genders; and represents their ideologies.

While earlier it was more about a more chivalrous approach to gifting with candle light dinners and romantic getaways, women of today have evolved. From being homemakers and watching from the stands to taking the centre stage in every aspect of their life, it is but natural that even their idea of a gift has undergone a change.

They understand that loving another person starts by loving oneself. Due to this reason, they are not shying away from gifting themselves too. Men are also cognizant of this and want to live up to their own expectations as well as those of the women in their lives.


One trend that has emerged is that of buying lightweight andtrendy gold jewellery. Goldin its new avatar has become hugely popular since it is affordable, comes in a multitude ofdesigns and more importantly can be worn with just about any outfit.The pandemichas also given way to innovation and creativity among online jewellers. This is more so incase of gold jewellery which has emerged from the lockers to become a daily wearaccessory in a lightweight and trendy avatar.

Some reasons for this popularity of the yellow metal include rise in online purchases as well as consumer expectations around better services and affordablepricing. Brands that come with these USPs and offer value for money are preferred and customers are happy to change their idea of gifting with the times, to give something that is more useful.

One may think that lightweight and fine gold may not be as good as traditional designs. But this is where there is more than what meets the eye! Technologies such as 3D printing have made it possible for companies in this domain to turneven the most complex and unorthodox designs into real jewellery pieces. The designprocess has undergone a complete transformation and there is no limit to creativity backedby the technology.

The millennial and Gen Z women now see gold jewellery as a non-occasion, everyday accessory.The demand for lightweight contemporary and trendy designs has been on the rise, andconsumers are now becoming increasingly price and quality conscious.

For Valentine's Day, there aretrendy interpretations ofheart motifs and one can choose from earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets as agift. They are available in varied combinations such as yellow gold encrusted with diamonds or gemstones or enamel. The collections are available in the range of 5K to 30k making them anaffordable gifting option and something to buy for yourself!

From being an investment, heirloom, or occasion-driven asset that was lockedaway to be taken out few times, gold has reinstated its position in a trendier and lightweightavatar. This Valentine's Day, all that glitters will definitely be gold and in a never-before manner. 



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