MyVoice: Views of our readers 12th November 2021

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MyVoice: Views of our readers 27th December 2021


Dharna Chowk politics of TRS

Earlier, KCR government disallowed protests at the Indira Chowk citing traffic snarls and inconvenience to the local residents but amusingly now it decides to hold dharna at the same place condemning the decision of Central government not to procure the entire stock of paddy from the state. Such double standards of TRS is amusing. Instead KCR could have arranged protests at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and give a message to his critics that he has no secret dealings with the Centre.


Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

Disgraceful behaviour

It is true that both Pakistan and New Zealand outclassed us in the early part of T20 World Cup and that in turn made us pay heavily to fancy our chances for the knockout stage of an ICC sponsored Tournament. Having failed to achieve a facile win over Pakistan our morale came down drastically and that was reflected in our next outing against New Zealand to just touch 110 runs and lose with a big margin and that caused us heavy leeway in net run rate and were made to chase weaker teams to bring back our lost glory. But in the end that could not help out the cause and thereby the lost the final fling in a prestigious tournament.


That does not warrant such a huge punishment of going to the level to extend rape threat to cricketer's child. In India we take things very seriously even though winning and losing are part and parcel of the game. It is a timely warning to the cricketing loving public to keep away from such silly antics on social media to air your anger and pay the price for that. Cricket is a religion in India but that does not mean we break the morals and go to a mad way of expressing your anger on our captain.

M R Jayanthi, Mumbai

Interesting Analysis

Mohan Kanda's "Sharing knowledge can empower many '' is quite interesting. In Shakespeare's play ,"The Merchant of Venice" it is said about the quality of mercy - " It blesseth him that gives and him that takes", and here we find Mohan Kanda saying that the process of sharing knowledge and experience is enriching at once both the giver and the taker. In Bharthruhari Subhashitalu in Telugu we find a poem about Vidya which starts with " Harthaku kadu gocharamu ". It is said there that " Vidya yanu divya danambu akhilarthakotikin Poorthiganitchinan perugu " - It means that knowledge grows even when it is totally given to the entire mankind.

When Mohan Kanda speaks about religion in his article I am immediately reminded of Swami Vivekananda's views about religion. He opines that religion has been the cause for a number of good and evil deeds done all along the human history. Thus Mohan Kanda's article makes us fly into Telugu literature, English literature, history, science, religion, spirituality and technology.

Whatever Mohan Kanda says he says it from the vantage point of his rich experience both as an educator and administrator and so it will naturally be beneficial to all. His articles should be read thoroughly and should be preserved and handed over to the future generations for their benefit and best use.

R Sreenivasulu, Anantapur

Falguni is real 'Nykaa'

With a stellar debut on Dalal Street, Falguni Nayak joins the rarefied ranks of self-made billionaire women this week with a net worth soaring to 6.5 billion. By empowering customer choices and enabling brands to reach the depth of the country, Nykaa has emerged as India's leading beauty retailer playing a critical role in developing the beautiful market in India. Women need to allow the spotlight of their lives on themselves. Despite having no background of e-commerce and beauty industry, she did what was imaginable till now. IPOs keep coming but this is going to be era-defining IPO, this will catapult women's aspirations to unprecedented heights.

Shruti Raikwar, Ujjain

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