Review the Constitution again

Update: 2019-04-25 18:59 GMT

The events over the past two decades had shown clearly that coalition governments at the Centre were incapable in of providing stable governance and ushering in development.

Such political formation are inherently unstable. Political instability is a result of the absence of stable social order. It is strange on the part of political leaders to keep claiming that they would provide a stable government once they come to power after the polls.

They have achieved nothing so far to full fill the basic needs and amenities of the people. Coalition government might be successful in a few European countries.

Finland has most of the time been ruled by coalitions and it has made a reasonably good job of the participatory system.

Finland is a small ,homogenous orderly society of five millions as against India with its huge size diversities and a billion-plus populations.

As India is a large country, multi-party system need to be abolished by making a constitutional amendment.

Having had this multi-party system, no political party gets adequate majority. Subsequently coalition form which causes political instability.

So the better for India is introducing two-party system like England and the U.S.A. the experiment of coalitions is applicable to smaller countries but in-applicable to larger countries like India .

Immediate action cannot be taken by the prime leader in coalition government as for everything he as to function under a system of checks, consultations and balances .

The rag-tag coalition is quite shaky and subjected to pulls and pressures. The nature itself is shaky and instable.

In two-party system we can evolve a mechanism for day-to-day co-ordination and for formulating the policy frame work within which the Govt. will function. Coalition government is a disease which has been afflicting our democracy.

We need to build an environment together of cooperation at least on some main national issues. Whatever national issues are delineated, a national consensus must be built on them from becoming politicised.

A single largest one is only the party capably of providing stable government and taking the country out of the current political impasse and uncertainty. A comprehensive review of the constitution is needed to evaluate the efficiency of some of the provisions regarding two-party system.

Ch.Umapathi, Ponduru

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